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Advocacy, School Board Policies, and Surveys

Ways your local unit can support members 

Your local unit’s advocacy on behalf of public education and district employees is a great selling point when you recruit members. 

How to recruit using advocacy 

When you are talking to a potential member, don’t forget to mention any work your local unit does with your district’s administration and school board. A potential member would be impressed to know that your local unit sends a representative to each school board meeting and then publishes a summary of board actions in each local unit newsletter. If your local unit helped to persuade the school board to increase salaries, make sure that work is well-known. 
Some potential members will be interested in ATPE’s work with the Legislature. When talking to these members, be sure to mention your local unit’s relationships with elected officials. You might want to create a flyer that lists your local unit’s political involvement activities, such as letter-writing campaigns, voter registration drives, ATPE-PAC fundraisers, and candidate forums. When your local unit meets with an elected official, report back to the membership about the meeting. and ATPE-PAC will also be of interest to politically minded potential members. 

Help with school board policies 

You and your fellow ATPE leaders are also leaders among your education colleagues. School district officials will look to your local unit’s leaders as experts on school employees’ needs and concerns. 
As such, your local unit might become involved in school board business. Such activities will help your local unit enhance its visibility as leaders work to address matters of interest to school employees. 
ATPE offers policy assistance to local units as they work with local school boards to change policies. The following are areas in which local units may receive assistance: 

  • Salary/benefits 
  • Leave policies 
  • Health insurance 
  • Consultation (A few Texas school districts have such policies.) 
  • Calendars 

To request ATPE policy assistance, call (800) 777-ATPE. Any member may request policy assistance, and ATPE will work with the member’s local unit president. 
Policy assistance might also arise from calls to the ATPE Member Legal Services Department regarding concerns about district policies. 


Conducting a survey will help you customize your local unit’s activities to better suit members’ needs. Use surveys to determine members’ personal preferences, interests and demographics, and ask members about their goals and priorities. 
Using online survey sites such as Survey Monkey and Crowdsignal can get you quick results electronically. Some sites are free to use up to a certain number of respondents.