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Region 4


Hello Region 4 ATPE. This year has its advantages and disadvantages being that we made it after a year of pandemic, closures and most importantly uncertainties. With that known you now need more than ever to know that ATPE has got your back. ATPE is the best association in the State and our top notch legal team is available should you need it at any time. 

Our region is made up of 35 local units, many At Large Members and we serve several college campuses too. This makes us over 12,000 members and we continue to grow. Please take a moment to review our Region 4 Calendar for 2021-22 and put all important dates in your planner. We work hard each year not only to grow in number, but continue to grow our ATPE leadership skills, as well as, new local units. We encourage you to take an active role this year in the activities we have planned. 

Our web page provides you with information not just about our meetings, but provides you with information on how you can apply for scholarships, grants, become a Region 4 Committee Member and participate in our awesome service project. 

I’m looking forward to being of service to you during the coming year. It’s my honor to serve as your president.

Eden Renovato
Region 4 ATPE President

ATPE has eight Regional Membership Specialists working statewide. Your Regional Membership Specialist is Cynthia Villalovos. You may contact her at:


Summary - November 2021 BOD Meeting
2021-22 Calendar
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2021-22 Additional Summit Assistance
2021-22 Region 4 Student Scholarship
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2022-23 Committee Application

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