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Hello, Region 4 ATPE. There is much to be done as we all begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. I know we have been deeply challenged personally as well as professionally. In these difficult circumstances, we must continue our efforts to be the best advocate for our ATPE professional organization and the indisputable value of what our association offers. We all know that ATPE is the best association in the State with a reputable legal team and dedicated lobbyists who work around the clock in Austin and Washington DC. Region 4 invites you to share that information with new educators as they step foot in the classroom for the first time. Including faculty and staff who may not have heard of ATPE.

Our region is made up of 35 local units, including At Large Members, and we serve several college campuses too. This makes us over 12,000 members and we continue to grow. The Region 4 Calendar for 2022-23 has all the information for you to “Save The Date” to all our events this year. The Region 4 Officers have doubled down our commitment to advocacy, aligned our priorities to the best that we can and are truly willing to make the effort to serve as a reliable Leadership Team. We are always looking for new leadership to serve on committees so don’t be shy with asking where you can help out. Our web page provides you with information to the updated forms so you can apply for scholarships and classroom makeovers.

Wishing you a good and successful 2022-23. I’m honored to serve as your ATPE Region 4 President. I look forward to seeing you at each event.

Jesse “Jay” Guerrero

Region 4 ATPE President

ATPE has eight Regional Membership Specialists working statewide. Your Regional Membership Specialist is Cynthia Villalovos. You may contact her at:


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