Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators
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Archive Policy

Summary of the ATPE Member Legal Services Department Archive and Destruction Policy

The ATPE Member Legal Services Department retains documentation of all member/client contacts for a period of seven years. 
During the eighth year following the member/client contact, files will be reviewed for archive or destruction. A good faith effort will be made to retain any records or documents involving potential liability claims or future legal action. 
All records not retained will be destroyed in a method that maintains confidentiality. 
This policy will be reviewed and revised as necessary and maintained at

*THE EDUCATORS PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY IS UNDERWRITTEN BY NATIONAL UNION FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF PITTSBURGH, PA. ALL COVERAGE IS SUBJECT TO THE EXPRESS TERMS OF THE MASTER INSURANCE POLICY ISSUED TO ATPE AND KEPT ON FILE AT THE ATPE STATE OFFICE. Coverage applies to an insured’s activities within his/her professional capacity and does not apply to activities that predate the coverage period. View 2022–23 insurance policy details here. Eligibility for ATPE membership benefits is contingent upon ATPE’s receipt of the annual membership dues amount for your appropriate membership category. A disruption in payments to an authorized payment plan may result in discontinuation of membership benefits, including cancellation of insurance coverage. ATPE reserves the right to determine eligibility for the appropriate membership category. The membership year runs from August 1–July 31.

**Staff attorney services are provided separate from the Educators Professional Liability Insurance Program.