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ATPE: Statement from Top State Officials on School Reopening Does Not Help Texas Educators, Students, or Parents

July 31, 2020: ATPE believes joint statement represents yet another attempt to appease both sides of a political debate without addressing the genuine risks and concerns about school reopening.

ATPE Weighs in on Updated TEA Guidance, Attorney General’s Opinion

July 29, 2020: ATPE urges state officials to provide straightforward guidance that will help school districts and educators implement plans to reopen school campuses safely for the new school year.

ATPE Statement on TEA’s Additional Reopening Guidelines for 2020-21 School Year

July 17, 2020: Revised guidance is insufficient, fails to reduce risk of spreading COVID-19 in our schools.

State’s Largest Educator Association Proposes Plan with Criteria for Reopening Schools Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

July 14, 2020: A science-driven approach based on local health conditions will keep students, educators safe.

State’s Largest Educator Association Urges Texas to Delay In-Classroom Instruction, Waive 2020-21 STAAR Requirements

July 10, 2020: ATPE members adopt official policy statements regarding COVID-19 during annual conference.

ATPE Statement on TEA’s Final Public Health Guidance

July 7, 2020: Too many questions are left unanswered by TEA guidelines.

ATPE Statement on Gov. Greg Abbott’s Return-to-Campus Announcement

June 18, 2020: ATPE awaits further guidance from Texas Education Agency.

Educators cite health and safety, student learning loss as top concerns for next school year according to survey by the Association of Texas Professional Educators

June 15, 2020: More than 4,200 Texas educators surveyed on COVID-19 by ATPE.

Many Questions Unanswered About School Calendar Proposals Driven by COVID-19, says Association of Texas Professional Educators

May 15, 2020: ATPE shares member concerns about potential changes.


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