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Association of Texas Professional Educators
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Local, Region, and State Officer

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What is a local unit officer?

Local unit officers ensure that ATPE has a presence at the school district level by:

  • Coordinating a local membership campaign to recruit new members and retain prior-year members.
  • Recruiting and recognizing volunteers.
  • Conducting local unit elections.
  • Ensuring the local unit is represented at the ATPE House of Delegates meeting.
  • Advocating for public education at the district and state level.
  • Participating in community service activities, such as fun runs and district events.
What is a region officer?

ATPE’s 20 regions correspond to the boundaries of the 20 Texas Education Agency regions. Each ATPE member is a member of the region in which he or she is employed. Every ATPE region has an elected officer corps that:

  • Supports the local units within the region.
  • Assists in the establishment of new local units.
  • Relays information between the state office and the local units.
  • Promotes the ATPE Summit among local units.
What is a state officer?

The ATPE House of Delegates elects four state officers annually: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Along with the immediate past state president, these working educators form ATPE’s Executive Committee.

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