Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators
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Membership Types and Dues

Professional and Associate membership is open to persons employed in Texas by a public school district, institution of higher education, Regional Education Service Center, the State Board for Educator Certification or the Texas Education Agency. You must join in the appropriate insured category in order to qualify for coverage. ATPE reserves the right to determine eligibility for the appropriate membership category. Commissioned peace officers are eligible for Public membership only.

Monthly rate shown is for 12 installment payments. Number of installment payments available will vary based on join date. In districts with active local units, you may add on nominal local unit dues. Not sure which category to join? Call (800) 777-2873 or email today.

Dues and coverage details

Membership Type Dues Insured / Uninsured
Professional $19.58/month  Insured
First-time Professional $9.17/month Insured
Associate $8.25/month Insured
Administrator $25.83/month Insured
Student Teacher Free Insured
Retired $30 Annual Dues Uninsured
College Student Free Uninsured
Public $50 Annual Dues Uninsured

Membership types with positions

Membership Type Positions Included
Professional and First-time Professional Administrator/Supervisor
Asst. Principal
Athletic Director/Coordinator
Athletic Trainer
At-Risk Coordinator
Band/Choral Director
Curriculum Director
Dean of Instruction
Department Head/Chair
Instructional Officer
Intern Teacher
IT Director/Coordinator
Nurse (RN)
Parent/Community Coordinator
Regional Service Center Staff
School Psychologist/Associate
Social Worker
University Professor
Visiting Teacher
Administrator Principal
Superintendent/Asst. Superintendent
Associate Member Aide to position in Professional Category
Alternative Center Aide
Bus Driver
Cafeteria Worker
Computer Programmer/Entry
Custodial Worker
Deaf Interpreter
Educational Aide/Technician
Maintenance Worker
Nurse (LVN)
Regional Service Center Aide
Security Guard (Unarmed)
Substitute Teacher
Commissioned peace officers are eligible for public membership only.
Student Teacher Student Teacher in Texas  
Retired Retired Former School Employee 
College Student Non-teaching College Student
Public Friend of Public Education