Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

House of Delegates

How decisions about ATPE’s future are made.

The ATPE House of Delegates (HOD) convenes annually at the ATPE Summit. Delegates are selected by their fellow members through a process guided by the ATPE State Bylaws. Contact your local unit president for more information about becoming a delegate; if you are an at-large member, contact your region president.

The HOD:

  • Elects state officers.
  • Adopts standing and current resolutions.
  • Adopts the ATPE Legislative Program.

Candidates for ATPE state officer roles (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) are officially nominated during the HOD meeting and enjoy the opportunity to address delegates at that time. An election is held during the HOD meeting, and results are announced later in the proceedings. Members on the  Nomination/Election Committee  oversee election proceedings. Information for members contemplating a bid for state office is publicized in print and electronic communications distributed throughout the year.

As a member-governed association, ATPE takes special pride in allowing our members to drive both near and long-term agendas and priorities. These directives normally take the form of resolutions adopted during the annual HOD meeting. The HOD considers four types of resolutions: 

  • Honorary resolutions  are adopted to recognize or honor supporters of ATPE and public schools.
  • Standing resolutions  are in effect until the HOD chooses to amend or delete them. Once adopted, standing resolutions are included in an addendum to the ATPE State Bylaws.
  • Current resolutions  expire after one year unless renewed by the HOD.
  • Prefiled resolutions  are proposed by a prescribed deadline during the HOD meeting.

Any ATPE member may propose a resolution or amendment to an existing resolution. Proposed resolutions or amendments submitted to the ATPE Resolutions Committee by March 15 of each year are considered during the next HOD meeting. You’ll find reminders of this deadline in   ATPE News. Deadline information is also posted here at

Each year, the  Resolutions Committee  meets to review and make recommendations on each resolution and amendment proposal. The Resolutions Committee presents its report to the HOD, which considers the report as part of the annual HOD business. Delegates debate and vote on each proposed resolution and amendment. Once adopted, a resolution or amendment becomes a matter of record to be communicated to the general membership through ATPE publications and training sessions and here at

Read the House of Delegates standing resolutions  here.

The  ATPE Legislative Program  brings voice and action to the organization’s legislative priorities and advocacy efforts. The member-written-and-approved compilation of position statements details the agenda we seek to communicate to the state legislators, state boards and agency personnel, and federal decision-makers and lawmakers who govern relevant law and policy.

Each year, the ATPE president and Board of Directors appoint 20 members to serve staggered two-year terms on the  Legislative Committee. This committee convenes each spring (usually in April) to review the previous year’s legislative program and evaluate the evolving nature and relevance of each officially adopted position. Committee members use member input gathered by the ATPE Governmental Relations staff to help guide their evaluations, giving any and all members a voice to be heard at the highest organizational levels. Any member may also propose new positions and amendments for consideration by delegates during the HOD meeting.

Read more about the   ATPE Legislative Program.