Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

ATPE Tenets

In January 2001, the ATPE Board of Directors formally adopted 10 official ATPE tenets, which were then presented to the House of Delegates. In 2011, the board reviewed and reaffirmed the tenets with a few revisions to reflect current dynamics in the public school environment. These overall principles have guided ATPE since its inception and will continue to guide the association to future success. The 10 tenets in their current form are represented by:

1. Professionalism
ATPE members are committed to making positive contributions to the education profession and the lives of students by:

  • Maintaining personal and professional dignity by respecting and obeying the law, demonstrating personal integrity, and exemplifying honesty and ethical behavior; and
  • Assuming the responsibilities for professional teaching practices and performance.

2. Member-owned/member-governed
ATPE members guide the Association through their elected local, region and Board of Directors representatives and by participation at the annual House of Delegates.

3. Right to work/oppose strikes
ATPE members believe:

  • Educators have the right to teach without being forced to join any particular organization; and 
  • Strikes or work stoppages are detrimental to children, the community and the profession.

4. Superior services to members
ATPE members believe their Association should provide superior services and benefits to its members through a dedicated professional staff.

5. All-inclusive
ATPE members believe all members of the public education community (including teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, retirees, teacher trainees, college students and the public) should be invited to join ATPE.

6. Leadership
ATPE members believe they have an obligation to be effective, proactive leaders in the field of education while representing themselves and their profession.

7. Collaborative
ATPE members believe in working with others to advocate positive solutions to education issues facing public education today.

8. Issues-oriented advocacy
ATPE members determine and advocate a platform of education issues in accordance with ATPE philosophy in a proactive, professional manner.

9. Independent association
ATPE members believe ATPE should maintain its autonomy while collaborating with other groups throughout Texas and the nation.

10. Local control of public schools
ATPE members support local public control of the local public school system through the elections of school board members and involvement of local community members.

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