Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Diversity and Inclusion: ATPE Staff Statement of Intent

The following statement was developed by a committee of seven ATPE staff members during Fall 2021. Every ATPE staff member had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the statement prior to its publication. In developing this, the staff committee was conscious that development of a diversity and inclusion statement is only the first step toward cultivating the type of workplace community this statement describes, and that putting these words into action requires daily commitment from all members of the ATPE team.

Like the educators we serve across the state of Texas, the ATPE staff represents a team of individuals who come from diverse cultures and bring forward unique ideas and life experiences. Today and every day, ATPE is committed to diligently encouraging and working toward diversity, equity, and inclusion in its approach to hiring practices, employee benefits, workplace culture, member services, and daily functions. ATPE realizes a rich potential associated with making a conscious decision to include all voices, create opportunities for all backgrounds, and encourage growth among all stakeholders in the ATPE community. ATPE does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and works tirelessly to address barriers that hinder inclusivity. As the largest educator association in the state of Texas, ATPE’s commitment to these principles is grounded in the hallmarks of the education profession—continuous growth and learning—and is focused on serving current and future members and, ultimately, the children of Texas.

  • ATPE recognizes diversity as the representation of, and respect for, people from different backgrounds and identities—including but not limited to race, culture, religion, socio-economic status, age, geographic area, sexual orientation and gender identification, language, life experience, and physical appearance. It values bringing different ideas, perspectives, talents, values, and worldviews to the table to represent the broad variety of employees within ATPE.
  • ATPE recognizes inclusion as actions, behaviors, and social norms that strive to ensure all people feel they are safe, welcome, and that they belong. This means putting diversity into action with skill and intentionality to strive to ensure everyone feels respected, supported, and valued—and can fully participate with equal voice and right to be heard. This includes actively seeking out voices that have been traditionally underrepresented and/or marginalized.