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Minimum Requirements for Active ATPE Local Units

Below is a quick reference on minimum requirements for active ATPE local units. You may also access the PDF version here.

This page does not include all requirements detailed in the ATPE Charter Standards. Please visit for further information and contact ATPE Membership if you have any questions.

  1. Local units must conduct a minimum of one official meeting per year and must conduct an election of officers each year.

    Meetings are great opportunities to address issues within the school district, identify new leaders and volunteers, and network with colleagues. Meetings can be held as a traditional meeting or can be online or via phone conference.

  2. Local units with fewer than 200 members must maintain a minimum of three active local unit officers. Local units with more than 200 members must maintain a minimum of four active local unit officers.

    ATPE’s local units require a committed group of volunteers to serve as officers. Local units must have a president and a treasurer, and they must not be related by blood or by law (husband/wife, brother/sister, parent/child).

  3. Local units must submit their annual officer and campus representative lists to the state office no later than June 1 each year.

    ATPE distributes membership recruitment materials each summer to our active local units to facilitate back-to-school member recruitment. Submitting officer and campus rep lists on time enables us to send materials to the right people. Local units that do not meet this standard will be placed on a watch list and may be deactivated.

  4. All local units must submit to the state office an annual treasurer’s report and a letter signed by the local unit officers indicating the compliance with charter and financial standards by November 30.

    Effective August 1, 2019, local units must submit a copy of their July bank statement with the treasurer’s report. The report should then be made available to the local unit’s members, which facilitates transparency. Any local unit that does not submit a treasurer’s report to the state association will have its full rebate withheld until a report is submitted. If the local unit still has not filed the treasurer’s report by July 31, the full rebate will be forfeited.

  5. Local units must send one or more delegates to the ATPE House of Delegates at the summit at least once every three years or face a reduction in their annual rebate.

    The ATPE State Bylaws stipulate that the primary functions of a local unit are to recruit members, participate in the annual House of Delegates meetings, and represent the members within the local unit’s school district.

  6. Local units that expend funds through a scholarship program must have the program approved by the state office prior to implementation.

    Improperly administered scholarship programs can jeopardize a local unit’s tax status (the IRS has strict rules that govern the administration of scholarship programs). Any local unit that wishes to implement/maintain a scholarship program must first have the program approved by the state office. If not, the local unit’s rebate may be withheld until deemed compliant.