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Association of Texas Professional Educators
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Planning meaningful local unit activities is integral to a fun and rewarding ATPE experience. Some activity ideas are presented below, but when in doubt, just observe what other student groups on campus are doing. Then pick and choose what works for you!

Local events
  • Participate in local activities, such as student organization fairs, student-teacher orientations, membership drives, etc. Check with your university for other student volunteer opportunities and service projects.
  • Plan to conduct an annual local unit officer election. ATPE recommends this take place in the spring. Officer lists are due June 1 each year.
  • Reward local unit volunteers, especially your local unit sponsor. Show appreciation by giving volunteers tokens of appreciation such as movie tickets or ATPE promo items or by writing thank-you notes.
  • Hold a local unit fundraiser for charity or to fund local unit activities. Here are some ideas for fundraisers:
    • Collect used printer cartridges and then recycle them.
    • Hold a book fair.
    • Sell T-shirts.
    • Hold a bake sale.

Be sure to read ATPE’s guidelines for fundraisers. 

State- and region-level events
  • Attend special college student events at the ATPE Summit.
  • Send members to ATPE at the Capitol during legislative years.
  • Attend ATPE region meetings and conventions to network with professional educators.