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Association of Texas Professional Educators
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The role played by ATPE college/university local unit sponsors is important. However, the work involved is minimal. 

Sponsors ensure that ATPE local units comply with their schools’ rules and regulations. 
A sponsor makes sure the ATPE local unit is officially registered in the campus’s central administration office and that meetings held on campus follow the necessary guidelines. 

Sponsors serve as liaisons between the ATPE state office and local unit officers. 
Because the students who hold local unit offices often change from year to year, sponsors serve as the primary contact between the state office and local units. For example, the sponsor ensures the state office receives an updated list of elected officers each year. 

Sponsors assist local unit officers in maintaining local unit bank accounts. 
A sponsor should remain a signatory on the local unit’s bank account and assist local unit officers with the changeover of signatories from outgoing to incoming officers. If the local unit disbands or is made inactive, the sponsor assists in ensuring all local unit debts are paid, the account is closed, and all remaining funds are forwarded to the ATPE state office. 

Sponsors make ATPE materials available to local unit officers and other education students. 
This task is often delegated to local unit officers. 

Sponsors mentor ATPE local unit officers and members. 
ATPE provides resources to help sponsors encourage students to be leaders on campus and guide their students’ professional development.