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Summer Allison, the Baker

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 7/04/2016

In the last week or so, I’ve heard two teacher friends refer to themselves as Summer Robert and Summer Sara. You know. It’s that version of yourself that feels so free and relaxed during the summer. A version that is somehow lighter than School Robert and School Sara.

Deciding at the last minute to make bread for the dinner party we’re hosting later this evening, the dough is rising as I type. Because it’s summer, I had the time to give baking bread a second shot. Turns out, I probably need to give it another shot because it doesn’t seem like it’s working . . . but that is another blog.

I attempted a loaf earlier this school year, but it didn’t turn out well and, with my busy school calendar, I did not try again. Instead, I put baking bread on my Summer To Do List.

My Summer To Do List is an entry that I have in my calendar for the Monday after school releases. Some of the items on there are chores that I’m putting off or books that keep piling up, but other items are endeavors on which I want to spend more time.

Sure, I can bake bread during the school year, but somehow that seems like another chore to me, whereas, during the summer, baking feels like a reward.

Consider ways to organize your time to provide yourself some respite this summer. Block off whole days to explore a new area of your city, or catch up with beloved friends.

As educators we give so much during the year; use the summer to give to yourself.

Come over for some bread! Well . . . maybe after the next loaf!

Allison Venuto, an educator in Dallas who is still working on that perfect loaf, owns Ducks in a Row Personal Organizing, wherein she works with clients on developing their time, talents, and money. Please contact her with questions at allison@ducksinarowdallas.com.

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