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No Rest for the Weary

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 4/12/2017

I blocked an afternoon on my calendar with “PLAN NOTHING!!!” written in the space. Literally.

That’s what I had to type on the calendar.

I knew that if I didn’t write it, I wouldn’t honor it.

I knew I would give the time to someone else and be mad at myself and not able to recharge for the next few weeks.

Which was the plan.

And then a friend called.

Of course, she had an extra ticket and, of course, she wanted me to go with her. During my afternoon of PLAN NOTHING.

Of course, I said . . . no!

What? I couldn’t believe it even as I heard myself say the word. I turned her down.

Of course, I immediately felt terrible about turning her down. And, of course, I almost said yes, but, instead, I explained my no.

I explained that I needed this time to myself because I’d been really busy and was feeling myself coming to a breaking point. This is the point at which I’m angry with everyone and resentful of the work I love.

She was so supportive of the reason I said no. Much more supportive than I was myself.

Because we are in a service profession, we need to have times when we say no to others so that we can say yes to ourselves. Having the time to recharge allowed me to keep going on the many projects that I love and creatively got my ideas flowing again.

I’m off to put another PLAN NOTHING on my calendar again. Of course, I will need it.

Allison Venuto is an educator with 12 years of experience in the Dallas area and is the owner of Ducks in a Row Personal Organizing. You can contact her at Allison@DucksInARowDallas.com.

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