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Who Supports Vouchers?

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 2/23/2017

According to a new poll from the University of Texas/Texas Tribune, most Texans do not support siphoning public school funds into private schools via vouchers. The poll looked at respondents by region and found that although 39% of urban parents support vouchers, only 32% of suburban parents and 34% of rural parents do.

Rural and suburban areas typically have fewer private and charter school options, so voucher proposals are less practical in those communities.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has stated that vouchers are one of his top priorities for the current legislative session. If passed, Senate Bill 3 would allow parents to use tax dollars to pay for their children to attend private or home schools.

One of the major criticisms of voucher proposals (also known as “education savings accounts” or “tax credit scholarships”) is that they disproportionately benefit students from higher income families. Vouchers provide parents with only a portion of the amount they need to send their children to public schools.

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