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Welcome to Summer . . . Let’s Get to Work?!?!

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 6/14/2017

Welcome to summer! Are you enjoying your time by the pool? Are you getting your passport stamped? Are you ready to get to work again?



Some of you may be up for well-deserved awards and others may be searching for the award of a promotion this summer, so I thought we’d talk a bit about getting organized. Creating systems will make the process easier on yourself.

Here are some tips on organizing your accomplishments:

  1. Resume: Create a “full resume” that has every job, committee, and volunteer position you’ve ever participated in. EverythingEver! You never know when this information will come in handy. Use this document to update your current resume. Contact your college’s career center for resources to help you meet the current trends with resumes.
  2. Paper files: If you’ve kept paper copies of your activities, use this information to add to your full resume. Clean out the file as you add the information, and scan any documents that you may need later.
  3. Electronic files: Save documents with a name and date to help you stay organized. For example, ResumeYYMMDD and GoogleClassroomCertificateYYMMDD are good ways to save your files. Save multiple versions of your resume because you may want to highlight certain skills for various reasons.

Taking the time this summer to create the ultimate teacher portfolio for awards and/or interview submissions will save to an immense amount of time during the school year.

Now . . . Are you back by the pool?

Allison Venuto is an educator with 12 years of experience in the Dallas area and is the owner of Ducks in a Row Personal Organizing. You can contact her at Allison@DucksInARowDallas.com.

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