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Texas Cultural Trust Spotlights Artistic Excellence

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 8/13/2018

The mission of the Texas Cultural Trust is to be the leading voice for the arts in education, advocacy, and economic impact in Texas, spotlighting the artistic excellence of our state. The Trust accomplishes their mission through the annual Texas Medal of Arts Awards and various programs such as the Texas Women for the Arts, Arts and Digital Literacy, and Young Masters. A number of nonprofit organizations, including ATPE, are partnering with the Texas Cultural Trust in one of their other core initiatives, the Art Can initiative, to help improve Texas public schools.
What is Art Can?
Art Can is the research and data program of the Texas Cultural Trust, quantifying the impact of an arts-rich education for public school children and Texas economy, and mapping the availability of arts courses in schools. Funded by the Houston Endowment, Art Can serves as a resource to Texas parents, educators, and public policy makers across the state so they can understand the positive impact of an arts-rich education, get a clear picture of arts access in their school district, and have the tools to take action to increase arts access for Texas children.
How Can I Get Involved?
It’s been proven that arts education in Texas increases pass rates on standardized tests, reduces student dropout rates, lowers classroom discipline problems, and encourages children to pursue higher education.
To learn more about:
  • Arts Ed Impacts, click here  
  • Arts Ed in your district, click here
  • Taking action in support of the Arts, click here
With a strong network of partners, the Trust and other stakeholders across the state can promote sound public policy to expand access to an arts-rich education for all Texas schoolchildren.
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