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Insurance Benefits You Can’t Afford to Miss

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 2/07/2018

Did you know that as an ATPE member you are eligible to receive discounts on life, home, auto, and personal lines insurance? Check out these amazing offers from some of our partners.

Life Insurance.

ATPE members/spouse or domestic partner who are age 59 and younger are now eligible for life insurance through MetLife using a short form application. The form includes only five medical questions and asks for height and weight. If no further information is needed upon review of your application, then you’re done! It’s that easy.

Amount of coverage available is as follows:

  • Age 49 or younger: up to $250,000
  • Age 50-59: up to $150,000 (in $50,000 increments)

For further information and application click here.

Members can also apply for up to $1,500,000 of coverage by completing the standard application that asks additional medical questions. For further information and application click here.

Auto and Home Insurance.

Liberty Mutual has partnered with ATPE to offer members auto and home insurance that could save you hundreds of dollars.* Along with quality coverage, expert advice, and personalized service, you could also enjoy our valuable and unique benefits, such as Better Car Replacement™, Accident Forgiveness, Home Protector Plus™, and our Multi-Policy Discount. Helping people live safer, more secure lives for more than 100 years, Liberty Mutual is a company you can trust.

Additional products and services provided to ATPE members include:

Lifetime Repair Guarantee.

Liberty Mutual Insurance holds our approved repair shops to the highest standards. That’s why, if you choose one of them to fix your car, you’ll receive a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.** We’ll even make the arrangements.

Renters Insurance.

If you rent your apartment, house, or condo, you probably need insurance. Remember, your landlord isn't responsible for your belongings, or if you need to find another place to live, or any personal liability you may face if someone is injured in your home. Renters Insurance covers your valuables—such as TV, laptop, and cell phone—for theft or damage at home, in your car or on the go.

Home Gallery™ App.

Liberty Mutual understands how much you value your personal property. The Home Gallery® app helps you create a home inventory to catalog your belongings quickly and easily. Available to anyone—whether you are a Liberty Mutual customer or not—the Home Gallery app is a must-have for homeowners and renters alike in the case of a loss or theft.

Call (855)-283-8255 or visit Liberty Mutual to learn more or get a free quote.

For more information on any these benefits and to learn more about the other great benefits ATPE has to offer, see the Services and Discounts page at atpe.org.

*Discounts and savings are available where state laws and regulations allow.
**Loss must be covered by your policy.