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Meet Your ATPE Board Members: Meredith Malloy (Region 10)

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 1/03/2018

ATPE is proud to bring you this series of posts from your board members. The ATPE Board of Directors is made up of 20 regional members, who are elected by their constituents; four state officers, who are elected annually by the entire House of Delegates at the ATPE Summit; and the most recent state past president. Board members were sent questions via email, and their responses will be posted to the ATPE Blog in the order they were received. Today’s post is from Region 10 Director Meredith Malloy.

Why did you get involved in a leadership role at ATPE?

The moment I changed from a business degree to an education degree, my Ferris ATPE local leaders signed me up as a college student. Growing up I watched my mom, Judy Malloy, be involved with ATPE and saw the importance of our organization. At Sam Houston State University, I helped reactivate the local unit and served as an officer for two years. As a first-year teacher, I was a campus rep in the Ferris local unit. Through the years, I moved up into officer positions. At the region level, our state president, Carl Garner, and a few other amazing Region 10 leaders kept after me to run for region office. I finally agreed, and the rest is history!

What is your favorite part of serving on the ATPE board?

My favorite part is hearing from the other region directors and state staff. We all know how things work in our own areas, but it is nice to hear from others. We all have unique experiences and ideas. Coming together to discuss our organization and members is very important and something I take very seriously. ATPE is a member-owned, member-governed organization, and we have to do what is best for all of our members!

How has being on the board helped your region?

I strive to be a positive yet strong voice for my region. I do my best to speak for my members and ensure their interests are being considered. I am constantly communicating with members and share information from the Board of Directors meetings. My hope is to be a resource for my Region 10 officers and all Region 10 ATPE members!

What advice would you give to others who might be interested in serving on the board?

Do it! Being on the ATPE Board is a wonderful experience. You learn so much about the inner workings of our organization. It is a large commitment but very rewarding. Be prepared to spend time before the meetings reading the material and getting ideas together. During the meeting, it is vital that all members participate and share information. After the meeting, you share information with region officers and local members. My first two years have been challenging, but it has been a great experience I will always treasure!

Can you share something fun about yourself that our members might not know?

Bling and travel! I love jewelry, so I am a Premier Designs independent consultant. I get to buy and sell beautiful jewelry!!! I also love to travel. Over the last few years, I have been to New York and Boston, and I am spending Christmas in Colorado. Exploring new places and spending time with friends and family is very important to me!

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