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Where to Find ATPE’s Legislative Resources

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 10/31/2018

You’ve probably heard a lot of chatter about the upcoming legislative session, the importance of being an informed voter, and how vital it is to play an active role in our democracy. But it can be hard to stay informed. Especially when your responsibilities as an educator are already never-ending! ATPE understands both the need for staying informed and your busy schedule, and luckily, we have a wide variety of resources to help you!
Here’s a roundup of ATPE advocacy resources. 
  • Read our advocacy blog. For in-depth coverage of the Texas legislature, read our advocacy blog at teachthevote.org/news.
  • Follow us on Twitter. For breaking news and advocacy insights, keep up with our lobby team on Twitter @TeachTheVote.
  • Contact your legislators about important issues. Use ATPE’s member advocacy tool, Advocacy Central, to interact with your legislators by email, phone, or social media. See atpe.org/advocacy-central for more information.
  • Know your candidates. Information is power! Check teachthevote.org/races to learn how your candidates and officeholders feel about education issues.
  • Speak up for your profession. ATPE’s popular political involvement training and advocacy event, ATPE at the Capitol, is held every other year (during the Texas legislative session). This two-day event provides members with in-depth training from ATPE’s Governmental Relations Team. Attendees then take that training to the Capitol to advocate on behalf of public education. Learn more at atpe.org/advocacy.
Did you find this helpful? Share with your colleagues, friends, and family members. Our greatest strength as public school employees lies within our numbers, so make a plan and vote for your profession!
Not an ATPE member? Join today to fight for Texas public education. We’re 100,000 strong. Will you add your voice?