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Watch SXSW EDU 2019 Sessions from Your Home

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 8/05/2019

The annual SXSW EDU conference is all about cultivating and empowering those who wish to further the art of teaching and learning, but not every interested stakeholder is able to make it to Austin. ATPE members are in luck, though! Our Professional Learning Portal now includes recorded sessions from the 2019 conference. Here’s a roundup of the courses available:

Changing the World One Black Girl Book at a Time
In 2015, Marley Dias launched a campaign called #1000BlackGirlBooks, with the goal to collect 1,000 books to donate for Black girls. In just a few months, more than 9,000 books were collected. The campaign also called public attention to the lack of diversity in children's literature. In this presentation, Marley offers strategies for building up joyful young readers and community activists, ultimately promoting a more just and equitable world. Marley aims to show that embracing equity, using diverse readings in the classroom, and encouraging courageous conversations can increase literacy, make learning more fun, and create sustainable change.

Hacking the STEM Syllabus
This presentation focuses on how we can reimagine the way we teach STEM education and features Winifred Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation and of Mozilla Corporation; Yoav Schlesinger, principal for the Tech and Society Solutions Lab at Omidyar Network; and Benjamin Kramer, VP-Education with KLRU-TV, Austin PBS. The internet’s dark side is more evident than ever, as “Big Tech” platforms give users tools to manipulate opinion, spew hate, and incite violence. To restore the internet’s positive potential, we must ensure that those who drive its progress learn to assess the social, economic, and political consequences of their work.

The Gift of Literacy
Did you know that 25 million children in the United States can't read proficiently? Reading, access to books, and supporting resources are a critical part of any child's education. With a shared passion and commitment to finding solutions to the nation’s literacy crisis, LeVar Burton (of Reading Rainbow fame, among other roles) and Reading Is Fundamental's Alicia Levi share insights and perspectives on how digital resources can open up a child’s world and provide the foundation they need to become literate, compassionate and critical-thinking global citizens.

Reconstruction: America after the Civil War
Explore how one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented chapters in American history—the transformative years following the Civil War—still haunt the country, more than 150 years later. In this candid conversation, PBS leaders, including Emmy Award-winning Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger, and NPR’s Eric Deggans, provide educators with the framework to discuss the historical, sociological, and political factors that lead us to our current day, as well as the challenge we still face as a nation to live up to our founding ideals of democracy, freedom, and equality for all.

How the Mind Learns: Insights from Psychology & Poker
How does the human brain learn throughout life? In this talk, author and psychologist Maria Konnikova combines insights from her psychological research into human learning with her personal experience during the transition from novice to winning-professional poker player to explore how the mind takes in and processes new information—and how we can optimize the process for maximum success.

Safer Schools through Design
While the nation debates ways to protect children from gun violence, there are answers we can pursue now through better design. Over the course of almost two decades, architects have worked with communities across the country to design safer schools for students while creating excellent learning environments. This session will explore how design can help protect students and discuss the public policy that is needed today to make our schools safer.

A Unified Perspective
In 2019, “Unified” is more than just a word. It is a movement of inclusion led by youth around the world. Timothy Shriver, Jamaal Charles, Erika Guerrero, and Tajha Ilerant explore the Unified Generation and their work in bringing together students with and without intellectual disabilities in order to play together, learn together, and have the opportunity to build genuine friendships.

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