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Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 1/17/2019

Educators, do you ever feel like there’s so much news happening in the world that it becomes difficult to read about topics that are important to you?

Texas Education Headlines is a weekly email newsletter from ATPE designed to provide its subscribers with a digest of the top education headlines and the latest education news. We’ll focus on Texas, of course, but we’ll also include the most interesting national and global education news clips.

The email newsletter—which will be sent to your inboxes most Thursday mornings—will bring you the top news from that week in the world of education.

Texas Education Headlines is designed to be your one-stop shop to learn what’s happening in education that week. It includes stories related to breaking education news, education policy, new trends in public education, local news, opinions and commentary about issues affecting educators, and more.

The newsletter will also include the latest from ATPE’s weekly blog, which often features tips for teachers, personal stories, and breaking news.

The newsletter is not limited to ATPE members or even educators. Anyone with even a passing interest in education can subscribe—and should!

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