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ATPE Members Achieve National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 3/10/2019

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) recently inducted 3,907 National Board-Certified Teachers (NBCTs) into its ranks of more than 122,000 certified teachers across the country. Among the newly certified are ATPE members, such as Stephanie Stoebe, who was certified for the first time, and Caron Sharp, who was recertified.

“I’m thrilled to celebrate our new National Board-Certified Teachers. This is a great personal accomplishment, but it’s more than that – this accomplishment is reason to celebrate the impact board-certified teachers have on millions of students nationwide and on the teaching profession at-large. School principals and systems leaders from across the country regularly tell me that NBCTs are making a difference in their students’ learning, strengthening their schools and their communities,” said Peggy Brookins, NBCT president and NBPTS CEO, in the board’s press release.

Currently, there are 971 teachers certified by the NBPTS teaching in Texas. Stoebe, a teacher with Round Rock ISD, was one of only 33 teachers to receive a new certification in Texas in December 2018. Her certification is good until 2023. Sharp is a secondary English language arts and reading curriculum coordinator with the school district. Round Rock ISD has 56 total NBCTs currently teaching.

“It’s an honor to attain this certification and be one of the few Texas educators to be a part of this accomplishment,” said Stoebe. “In my research, I learned that less than 1 percent of Texas teachers have this distinction. Caron and I are both loyal ATPE members, and surely not the only ATPE educators to be part of the 971 total certified teachers in Texas.”

ATPE’s Governmental Relations team reports that national certification is likely to be one of the education topics discussed during the Texas legislative session happening now. Leaders on both sides of the aisle have expressed interest in passing legislation that would provide for teacher pay raises, although there are differences of opinion among those who favor across-the-board pay raises for all and those who would prefer “merit pay” increases for only those teachers deemed to be high-performing. Some proposals currently being discussed – including a performance-based pay plan favored by Gov. Greg Abbott and Commissioner of Education Mike Morath – call for increased pay to teachers who earn the NBPTS credential.

“The key to certification and renewal is simply reflecting on the practice and educational accomplishments that have influenced students and your fellow teachers,” said Sharp. “Reflection is not only one of the most effective ways to improve your teaching practice, it is one of the key elements in a successful journey to becoming a National Board Certified Teacher.”

For more information about the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, visit www.nbpts.org. State-level data on National Board-Certified Teachers is available to view here. To identify National Board-Certified Teachers in your area, view a searchable directory.

If you’re an ATPE member and NBCT, let us know about your experiences, such as when you received your certification, at comm@atpe.org.