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This Just In: We Reached the Peak

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 5/14/2019

Breaking news, ATPE members! The PAC’s Peak Challenge has been met. You did it!

We are pleased to announce that we officially closed the ninth annual PAC’s Peak Challenge on a high note. Thanks to the generous financial support of members like you, we exceeded our $25,000 fundraising goal for your ATPE Political Action Committee. Together, you raised a total of $34,718.50 during the challenge!

It truly is heartwarming to see ATPE members come together and step up to complete an important challenge. Your donations will help ATPE shape the future of the Texas Legislature through financial contributions to pro-public education candidates and officeholders in the upcoming 2020 elections.

For anyone who missed this important fundraising challenge and is interested in supporting ATPE-PAC, you can still make a meaningful impact by donating right now. Click here to make sure ATPE-PAC has the financial means to help those who support your profession!

ATPE-PAC solicits contributions only from ATPE members, employees, and their families. Participation in ATPE-PAC is voluntary. Members can contribute any amount or nothing at all without affecting their ATPE membership status, rights, or benefits.