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ATPE Resources for New Teachers

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 10/07/2019

We know your first teaching job can be stressful. But you deserve support and peace of mind. ATPE provides countless resources to help you make teaching a long-lasting, rewarding career. Below is a roundup of resources to help you during your first year—and beyond.

Your First Classroom 
ATPE’s free download, Your First Classroom, is a valuable “quick-start” guide for new educators. It includes checklists for preparing for your first day, tips on managing your classroom, strategies for communicating with parents, and more. Visit atpe.org/firstclassroom to download this essential resource.

Observations and evaluations can be a source of stress for any teacher, but ATPE offers many resources on the T-TESS—the most common tool used to evaluate Texas public school teachers. Visit atpe.org/T-TESS, and don’t miss our FAQs on observations from the Fall 2018 issue of ATPE News.

Professional Development 
Don’t forget about ATPE’s online learning portal at atpe.org/cpe. Here, you can earn free continuing professional education (CPE) credits via online courses and webinars—on your own time. On the portal, you can watch past SXSW EDU sessions, courses on project-based or emotional and social learning, and webinars on tips and tricks for the classroom.

Advocacy Efforts 
As a new educator, you are often asked to do so much with so little, and it can be overwhelming to keep up with education news and politics on top of that. But that’s where ATPE’s advocacy efforts help. Follow the ATPE lobbyists’ blog at TeachtheVote.org for regular updates about ongoing legislative issues, and download “Know the Law: An Educator’s Guide to Changes Enacted by the 86th Texas Legislature” to learn about the laws that could affect you this school year.

Legal Questions? 
As a new teacher, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Some of those questions might be hard to address on your campus, so be sure to check out ATPE’s free resource The Answer Key. This downloadable guide is for ATPE members and addresses campus concerns with answers to common legal questions—and so much more.

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