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You Deserve Opportunities to Grow as an Expert in Your Field

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 9/23/2019

At ATPE, we believe you deserve opportunities to grow as an expert in your field. ATPE membership provides gateways to professional leadership and career growth so you can make public education a rewarding career.

Many educators initially join ATPE for the legal resources* and advocacy work, but they remain longtime members because of the many volunteer opportunities that help them grow as an educator and leader.

“I think that it’s important to know that ATPE isn’t just about insurance,” says Joy Barreras, a fourth grade reading, writing, and social studies teacher in Liberty Hill. “ATPE is a family—it’s a family of educators. The minute you become a part of ATPE, it really welcomes you in and wants to help you grow.”

ATPE members enjoy opportunities to help shape ATPE policies through volunteer roles as local, regional, and state leaders. Many members find their career progression mirrors that of their ATPE involvement.

“From the minute I joined ATPE, I was encouraged to take leadership positions and to try out committees, and I really felt like ATPE appreciated and valued my expertise as a teacher,” says Barreras.

What does an ATPE leadership journey look like? From helping on your campus to holding a statewide position, our ATPE volunteers serve in leadership roles around the state, such as:
  • Campus representative, sharing ATPE membership benefit information with colleagues.
  • State committee member, meeting in Austin to help determine ATPE’s priorities on topics ranging from membership benefits and governance to ATPE’s political agenda and public information.
  • Local unit officer, elected by local members and helping guide local policies and enhance ATPE’s presence in the school district.
  • Region officer, elected by their region and collaborating with fellow leaders to address common issues and goals.
  • Region director, elected by their region to serve on the ATPE Board of Directors.
  • State officer, leading quarterly board meetings and collaborating with ATPE staff to establish ATPE budgets, programs, and priorities.
We know that as a public school educator, you have a choice when it comes to joining a professional organization. ATPE is here to provide the resources and opportunities you need so you have a long, successful career. ATPE is here for you so you can be there for your students.

Not an ATPE member? Join today to take advantage of ATPE’s professional development for principals, teachers, and paraeducators.

*Eligibility, terms, limits, and exclusions of legal resources and professional liability insurance apply. Visit atpe.org/protection for more information.