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You Deserve a Voice at the Capitol

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 9/11/2019

As a hardworking Texas public school employee, you deserve respect from your lawmakers. And as an ATPE member, you have influence at the Capitol through an experienced team of lobbyists that fights for your rights in Austin and in Washington, DC.

ATPE’s team of dedicated and accomplished lobbyists meets regularly with legislators, testifies in hearings, provides up-to-the-minute legislative info, and lets ATPE members know when—and how—to stand up for their rights. ATPE’s lobbyists are pros at transforming our members’ priorities into legislative action.

“Lawmakers need input from educators to better understand the issues that really face us,” says William Barton, a world geography teacher from San Antonio. “ATPE has a lobby team in Austin to help our legislators better understand the needs of Texas educators. I’ve met our lobby team, and they are skilled, dedicated people. We couldn’t have better people working for us.”

As a public school educator, you are often asked to do so much with so little, and it can be overwhelming to keep up with education news and politics on top of that. But that’s where ATPE’s advocacy efforts help. As a member of ATPE, you’re never an idle spectator—our lobbyists are always in the game.

ATPE members also have access to tools to keep them informed and connect with legislators: “A lot of people are competing for the attention of our legislators, and we need to make sure they have input from educators who are in the trenches actually teaching the children of Texas,” Barton says.

You can trust ATPE to stand up for public education and be your voice on the issues that matter most to you, including teacher pay and retirement, student testing, funding, vouchers, and more. You work hard to give Texas students a bright future, and you deserve to have the best lobby team in the state fighting to protect your rights.

Not an ATPE member? Join today to fight for Texas public education. We’re 100,000 strong. Will you add your voice?