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Leadership ATPE Application Period Now Open

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 5/02/2021

To say life is unpredictable is a heck of an understatement after what 2020-21 brought upon the Texas public education community. ATPE doesn’t know what the future holds, but we do know our membership ranks include some of the state’s best educators and leaders who will play a key role in shaping ATPE for years to come. We’re thrilled to announce Leadership ATPE is now accepting its next round of applicants through June 4. 


Launched in 2018, Leadership ATPE is a one-year program geared toward professionals who are (relatively) new to the education field and our association and have a vested interest in serving their schools and communities. 

The program is held every other year and designed to recognize one qualified applicant from each of the 20 ATPE regions. Leadership ATPE draws upon the innate leadership qualities of its participants and equips them with the additional knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to elevate their service to our association, their local schools, and their communities. 

The program offers professional development, leadership training, and networking opportunities. Participants attend two expense-paid weekend training retreats and network with their colleagues in digital learning opportunities throughout the year. Training sessions focus on the skills emerging leaders need to best serve their local communities, including public speaking and presentation skills, strategic thinking practices, building connections, enhancing interpersonal communication, advocacy, and more. 


Ideal candidates for Leadership ATPE are educators with three to five years of experience as a first-time professional, professional, or associate member of ATPE. The selection committee aims to recruit members who seek to gain leadership skills needed to advance their careers in public education, are dedicated to advocating for ATPE and the education profession; possess a keen interest in serving as an elected officer of ATPE at the local, region, or state level; and want to learn more about best practices for volunteer leadership and board governance. 


The Leadership ATPE application period runs May 3 to June 4 and involves answering a series of questions, submitting a resume and headshot, and an application fee. Visit atpe.org/Leadership-ATPE to apply! 


When life throws challenges your way, one of the best ways to persevere is looking to one another for support and leadership. ATPE celebrated its 41st anniversary April 1, 2021, and is focused on the future, and we know up-and-coming leaders will be vital not only to this association, but also to Texas public education as a whole. If you’re ready to leave your mark on Texas’ largest educator association, we hope you will apply. 

Visit atpe.org/Leadership-ATPE to apply and for more information.