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“Let’s Get in GEAR” for National School Psychology Week

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 11/09/2021

This year’s theme for National School Psychology Week, Let’s Get in GEAR, encourages students and educators to work in tandem—like gears—to overcome the challenges of the past 18 months. The acronym GEAR stands for Grow, Engage, Advocate, and Rise; furthermore, by getting in “gear,” we can move forward to become more resilient and mentally tough.  Each of these actions represents the positive change we can accomplish when we focus on student mental health. With the uncertainty and anxiety that we all have been experiencing, students and educators across Texas can benefit from the support that school psychologists offer. Their expertise in mental health and behavioral intervention can help stimulate development, foster growth, and allow students to thrive. 

What school psychologists do

School psychologists work closely with educators to address the behavioral needs of students of all ages. These professionals have a wide array of responsibilities that revolve around improving student safety, mental health, and success in and out of the classroom. They also help educators and administrators make schools safer through positive, effective approaches to student discipline and intervention. As a regrettably underutilized resource, school psychologists offer a substantial array of benefits and services for student engagement and achievement.

These services include helping students:

  • Identify and overcome learning barriers.
  • Respond to bullying and crises in school.
  • Address trauma and mental health issues.

And supporting educators as they work to:

  • Reach struggling students.
  • Engage all types of learners.
  • Accommodate students with disabilities.

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), an organization that supports students and educators by advancing school psychology standards and practices, sponsors National School Psychology Week. NASP is an excellent resource for school safety handouts, crisis support information, mental health publications, and more.

To learn more about school psychologists and to help your school get in GEAR, visit the NASP website, check out the Department of Defense Education Activity’s School Psychological Services, or watch this video from Dr. Sharon Hoover, co-director of the National Center for School Mental Health.