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Learn How to Use Microsoft Teams Like a Pro

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 9/10/2021

As school districts pivoted to online instruction in 2020, some turned to Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool for educators, students, and even parents. Not yet a Microsoft Teams pro? No worries! Here are a few resources to help you become familiar.

  • Live Training Sessions: Microsoft Teams Austin associates are hosting a handful of free Microsoft Teams Education this month, with the next September 14. During these virtual trainings, an associate will teach participants how to navigate Teams, collaborate with OneNote, and create homework and quizzes within Teams live. Registration is open now —don’t miss out!
  • Video Training: Have a busy schedule and don’t have time for long trainings? Microsoft has a slew of video trainings that allow users like you to access valuable information about Microsoft Teams on their own time. Topics range from uploading and finding files to setting up and customizing your team. The short videos show users examples and include step-by-step instructions to make learning easier!
  • Microsoft Teams Blog: Stay in the know on the latest updates by checking out the which features valuable information about all the latest Microsoft news, including announcements, tips and tricks, and fun ways to use the Microsoft platforms that will help you step up your Microsoft Teams game!
  • Free E-Book: This answers your questions regarding data, setup, and account control. Have any general questions about the functions of Teams and Office 365? This book has the answers and is a great resource for quick answers to common management questions and concerns.
  • Microsoft Website: Microsoft’s website is an excellent resource to find templates, trainings, and customer support. Site visitors have the opportunity to chat with other Microsoft users on discussion boards and have conversations involving all things Microsoft. This is a great resource to ask questions and crowdsource creative solutions.