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Planning a Summer Vacation? Use the ATPE HotelPlanner Discount to Save Big!

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 4/08/2022

If you are looking to take a well-deserved vacation this summer, why not save big with our ATPE HotelPlanner discount program? Our service strives to ensure you the best pricing and hotel booking experience possible.

Susie Andrews

Susie Andrews, a 32-year educator and 22-year member of ATPE, had this to say:

“The HotelPlanner discount program is an excellent benefit for ATPE members, and the rental car discount is too (especially when you go out of state). The service is easy to use and gives you travel options that you may not have believed you could fit into your budget.

“The discounts have helped me save so much when traveling, at least $20-30 difference per night from what you can usually find with services like Priceline—even with refundable rates. Overall, my experience has been that you can always find a much better price with HotelPlanner.

“A friend of mine took a trip to Disney World, and using the program, she found an excellent deal—saving around 30%. She thought it was too good to be true. I saved around $60 on a trip to New Jersey, and I thought, that is like five meals for me!

“It is so much savings that I just have to tell my co-workers about it. There are a lot of great things about ATPE, and this is just one of the perks that most people just aren’t familiar with. The discount is such a wonderful benefit that we should always share when recruiting new members because you just can’t beat the savings.”

ATPE members and their families can save up to 65% off room rates at over 800,000 lodging options worldwide, including VRBO and up to 40% on car rentals.

Visit https://atpe.hotelplanner.com today to save on your summer vacation!