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The ATPE Podcast: Associate Members—Know Your Rights

Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Date Posted: 10/26/2022

Who are associate members, and what are their rights and entitlements under both state and federal law?

In this episode of The ATPE Podcast, ATPE Staff Attorney Lance Cain answers the legal questions most frequently asked by our associate members—those public school employees who are at-will. We break down concerns regarding pay, including overtime, comp time, and district compensation plans. We dissect duties, job descriptions, assignments, and reassignments. Lance explains the nuances of state and federal laws regarding workers’ comp, temporary disability, and termination without due process. We also explore the rights of associate members who find themselves under investigation and what options they have to remedy their grievances. And finally, we answer the age-old question: Are associate members entitled to lunch and other breaks?

The legal information provided here is accurate as of the date of publication. It is provided here for informative purposes only. Individual legal situations vary greatly, and readers needing individual legal advice should consult directly with an attorney. Please note: Rights based on the Texas Education Code may not apply to all. Many Texas Education Code provisions do not apply to public charter schools, and public school districts may have opted out of individual provisions through a District of Innovation plan. Eligible ATPE members may contact the ATPE Member Legal Services Department.