Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators
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Director’s Message

In July, I was honored to be selected to serve as ATPE’s next executive director. Anyone can see how driven and dedicated our members are, and I came to ATPE to amplify the support Texas public school employees deserve by lending mine. You’re there to make a difference for students across the state of Texas, and I can assure you, ATPE is here to make a difference for you.

I’m motivated by the challenges and opportunities ahead. Over my two decades in the public education field, I’ve seen how hard Texas educators work inside the classroom and the challenges they face at the state Capitol. Every year, our teachers are given more work with fewer resources. And every legislative session, I see our profession under attack.

But I believe we can build positive relationships and help each other solve these problems—that’s important to me. I’m passionate about Texas education, and I want to make sure you get the benefits, services, and support you need.

An organization the size of ATPE can do a lot of good if we all work together. I’m proud to be a part of ATPE, and I hope you are, too.


Dr. Shannon Holmes
ATPE Executive Director


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