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Association of Texas Professional Educators

Fed Up? It's Time to Show Up

“I want to make sure we provide a carrot to make sure this legislation [vouchers] gets passed. Once [education savings accounts] are passed, I will put on the legislative agenda full funding for public education, including teacher pay raises for teachers across the state.”
Gov. Greg Abbott, Oct. 12, 2023
“Texas made great strides this year to remove woke agendas from our classrooms …”
Gov. Greg Abbott, Aug. 29, 2023
“Our schools are for education, not indoctrination.”
Gov. Greg Abbott, March 21, 2023
“Parents have the right to shield their children from obscene content used in schools.”
Gov. Greg Abbott, Nov. 1, 2021

Are you mad that a potential pay raise is being held hostage for the sake of politics?

Are you tired of being told what to teach, only to hear next that you’re “indoctrinating” children?

Are you offended by the assertion that you’re pushing “obscene content”?

Are you furious that your classroom is being used as a political pawn?

Are you fed up? If so, it's time to show up.

Although no educator could likely contribute enough money on their own to influence the outcome of a political race, ATPE members can work together to make a difference by donating to the ATPE Political Action Committee (ATPE-PAC).

ATPE-PAC makes campaign contributions to officeholders/candidates who support public education, students, and educators. If every ATPE member gave just $5 a month to ATPE-PAC—less than the cost of a large latte—ATPE-PAC would have more than $5 million in its coffers, making it one of the top PACs in Texas. When a PAC has that level of resources, candidates and officeholders take notice.

ATPE-PAC has already established a proven record of success. During the 2022 election cycle, candidates receiving ATPE-PAC contributions won or advanced in 85% of their races. Yet only less than 15% of ATPE members have ever donated to ATPE-PAC. Imagine what we could do if the percentage of participating members increased by 10% or even 20%!

“Every dollar counts for the PAC,” says Twila Figueroa, Region 1 ATPE director and a member of the ATPE-PAC Hall of Fame. “It’s your profession. These people make all our policies. It’s important that we understand that and try to influence them for the betterment of the education of our students and for our own well-being as an educator.”

Are you ready to show up?

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Donate to ATPE-PAC

ATPE-PAC solicits donations only from ATPE members, employees, and their families. Participation in ATPE-PAC is voluntary, and members may contribute any amount or nothing at all without affecting their ATPE membership status, rights, or benefits.