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Remote Instruction Terms and Definitions

Synchronous/Asynchronous Instruction

Synchronous instruction is delivered in real time in a virtual setting, and attendance is monitored based on whether students are logged in at the teacher’s documented official attendance time.


  • Interactive classes with students and teachers participating in real time
  • Teacher-supported work time on video conference calls
  • Scheduled and timed online tests

Asynchronous instruction does not require all participants to be present in a virtual setting at the same time. Attendance is measured each day through daily engagement measures approved by the local education agency. 


  • Self-paced online courses with intermittent teacher instruction
  • Preassigned work with formative assessments on paper or in a learning management system
  • Watching pre-recorded videos of instruction with guided support

Hybrid Model

Through hybrid learning, students receive a portion of their instruction on-campus and part of their instruction remotely to allow for a more socially distanced school experience. This model may vary between districts and grade levels.


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