November 2020

New CPE Courses Available on ATPE’s Professional Learning Portal

Date Posted: 11/23/2020

Keeping up with your teaching certification is just as important as ever. ATPE’s Professional Learning (PL) Portal is an amazing member resource for earning continuing professional education credits—and we’ve just added eight more videos!

ATPE Statement on State Allocation of $420M Reimbursement for Remote Instruction

Date Posted: 11/19/2020

On November 18, Governor Greg Abbott announced the state will allocate $420 million in federal CARES Act funds to reimburse school districts for expenses incurred because of remote instruction. Read ATPE's response.

Meet Another President of a 2019-20 ATPE Local Unit of the Year

Date Posted: 11/18/2020

Lumberton ATPE won the Local Unit of the Year Award for Local Units with 1–200 Members, and 2019-20 President Susan Letourneau spoke to ATPE about how Lumberton ATPE members are reaching out to one another during the pandemic.

Check Out ATPE’s Parent-Teacher Toolkit

Date Posted: 11/18/2020

As COVID-19 continues to impact public education, ATPE has developed a toolkit to help parents and teachers better collaborate during periods of virtual learning and instructional disruptions.

Texas Educators Find Themselves in an “Impossible Situation,” Worried about Health and Increasing Workloads—and Lacking Trust in State Officials’ Response

Date Posted: 11/17/2020

State’s largest educator association releases results and analysis of COVID-19 impact surveys.

ATPE Stands by You

Date Posted: 11/16/2020

Texas educators are rising to meet unprecedented challenges. As you serve your students, ATPE stands by you each and every day, ready to support you with affordable and high-quality legal resources so you can have peace of mind.

From TeachtheVote.org: A Bill to Eliminate TRS Healthcare Plans: Crazy Genius or Just Plain Crazy?

Date Posted: 11/16/2020

Texas State Rep. Ken King has filed a bill to phase out TRS healthcare plans for active and retired Texas educators. ATPE Senior Lobbyist Monty Exter breaks down the proposed bill.

It’s Time for The Lee Report

Date Posted: 11/15/2020

Join ATPE State President Jimmy Lee November 19 for the second edition of The Lee Report—where you’ll learn about the latest Texas education happenings and how ATPE is advocating on your behalf.

Why One ATPE Member Turned His Garage into a Classroom

Date Posted: 11/11/2020

Virtual instruction shifted the education sphere quite a bit this school year. As educators grappled with how to reach students and keep them engaged, ATPE member Joe Zambrano decided to kick it up a notch by turning his garage into a classroom.

From TeachtheVote.org: ATPE Again Urges State Officials to Waive Student Testing Requirements During COVID-19

Date Posted: 11/10/2020

ATPE sent a letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott November 11 seeking relief for Texas public schools as they face rigid testing and accountability requirements while still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s the 2020-21 ATPE Award Season! Submit Your Nominations!

Date Posted: 11/09/2020

Every year, ATPE recognizes outstanding Texas educators, ATPE leaders, and friends of Texas public schools. Here’s everything you need to know—including what’s new this year.

Meet a 2020 ATPE Campus Rep of the Year

Date Posted: 11/04/2020

ATPE member Karen Glenn of Lumberton ISD was named the 2020 Doug Rogers Campus Representative of the Year for Local Units with 1–200 Members and wrote about her inspiration for becoming an educator and the importance of preparing students for the real world.

From TeachtheVote.org: Texas 2020 Election Recap: What We Know So Far

Date Posted: 11/03/2020

Read ATPE’s first look at the results of the November 3 general election as it pertains to Texas.

Today Is the Day: Election 2020

Date Posted: 11/02/2020

November 3—Election Day—is finally here. Today is the last day to make your voice heard through your vote. Plus: Where to get post-election analysis related to Texas public education.

ATPE: State Should Learn from El Paso COVID-19 Spike and Proactively Provide Guidance to Schools Statewide

Date Posted: 11/02/2020

With cases on the rise, now is the time to act; school districts, educators, and parents deserve to know what options are on the table should a “hot spot” emerge in their community.