Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

ATPE News Summer 2018

In this issue of ATPE News, we explore how hunger affects students in the classroom and share summer reading lists from public libraries across the state. ATPE Attorney Lance Caine discusses what duties you can be required to perform, and ATPE Governmental Relations Specialist Bria Moore explains why teachers deserve more than just a summer break. Also—how important is recess for your students? First-grade teacher Christine Jasso shares the impact it’s had on her class. Plus, meet a student teacher who is on a mission to make math more active for students.
Turn the Pages into Summer

With summer here, we’ve compiled a wide-ranging reading list. Now is the perfect time for educators and students to grab a book, avoid “summer learning loss,” and open their eyes to someone or something new.

Hunger in the Classroom

One major factor affects every child’s ability to learn. It can’t be addressed through homework, tutors, or testing. But that doesn’t mean teachers and schools can’t do anything to help.

Director's Message

The time has come for new leadership, new ideas, and new faces to lead this organization into the next phase.

The Fidgety Student

A first-grade teacher discusses the importance of recess.

Increasing Civic Engagement in Texas High Schools

Our country has a leadership disparity problem. Women make up a little more than half of the US population but hold only a quarter of state legislature seats and a mere 10 percent of governorships.

Activating the Teaching Gene

With a strong teaching gene that runs through her family and years of volleyball under her belt, it’s no surprise that student teacher Savanna Stutts is on a mission to make math classes more active for students.

What Duties Can You Be Required to Perform?

ATPE Attorney Lance Cain explains the difference between supplemental and additional duties.

Teachers Deserve More Than a Vacation

Texas educators need a real break, not just a summer “vacation” that’s merely a break from instruction.