Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association of Texas Professional Educators

ATPE News Winter 2018

In this issue of ATPE News, we take a look at the issues that affect students and teachers along the Texas-Mexico border. We also share ATPE’s priorities for the 86th Legislature and how you can get involved, introduce you to ATPE’s new executive director, Dr. Shannon Holmes, and share tips for working with English language learners. Plus, Dr. Jennifer Adair discusses how educators who work in border areas can support their students, ATPE’s legal team explains the legal implications of discussing politics in the classroom, and ATPE member Leticia Jasso Vallejo shares the power of mariachi. Also—check out ATPE’s handy infographic on Texas’s school finance system.
School Finance by the Numbers

Learn how Texas’s school finance system impacts teachers, students, and taxpayers in this easy-to-understand infographic.

Education Outlook for the 2019 Legislative Session

What hot topics will the 86th Legislature consider?

Teaching in Texas: Along the Border

ABOUT THE SERIES: Texas is vast and varied: miles of desert, beaches, hills and valleys, canyons and mountains, and a population as diverse as the landscape. With “Teaching in Texas,” ATPE News brings you educators’ stories from the campuses and classrooms across Texas and explores how geography and culture can influence the learning process.

Meet Dr. Shannon Holmes, ATPE’s New Executive Director

ATPE’s new executive director wants to see Texas educators get the support they need.

Be an Education Advocate!

The 2019 legislative session is just around the corner. Are you ready to make your voice heard at the Capitol? ATPE has tools to help you!

The Power of Mariachi

An ATPE member discusses the power of mariachi.

Politics in the Classroom

ATPE’s managing attorney shares the legal implications of discussing politics in the classroom.

Director’s Message

Anyone can see how driven and dedicated our members are, and I came to ATPE to amplify the support Texas public school employees deserve by lending mine.

Offering Dynamic Learning Experiences to Young Children at the Border

If we want young children to grow up to be thoughtful community members, smart college students, and leaders who advocate for themselves and their communities, we need to change what we offer young children in school.

Unlocking the English Language

An ATPE member shares strategies for English language learners.